人教版八下 Unit 7 What’s the highest mountain in the world单元检测
一、单选题 (共1题,共5分)


—We should be brave when we are ________ the face of difficulty. —I agree with you.

A. with   B. in   C. from   D. through

二、句型转换 (共1题,共5分)



【1】The population of the city is about__three__millions.(对画线部分提问)

______________ the population of the city?

【2】The emperor built the walls to__protect__their__countries.(对画线部分提问)

_____________the emperor _______ the walls?

【3】Qomolangma is the highest mountain in the world.(改为同义句)

Qomolangma is _______ than __________________ mountain in the world.

【4】This stone is two kilos.That stone is six kilos.(合并成一个句子)

That stone is four _________________ than this one.

【5】Tom's room is smaller than Andy's room.(改为同义句)

Tom's room is not ________________________ Andy's room.

三、单词拼写 (共1题,共5分)



【1】Bian Que was a famous doctor in a___________ China.

【2】Mrs.Hunt's daughter has a serious i___________,so she can't go to school.

【3】In winter we can wear t_________ clothes to keep warm.

【4】Lions and elephants are w_______ animals.They should live in nature.

【5】—What do pandas mainly eat every day?  —B___________.They live on it.

四、补全对话 (共1题,共5分)



(Z=Zoo manager,C=City government)

Z:What about giving us more money?

C:I'm sorry,but the government doesn't have any more money for the zoo.

Z:But if we don't  find a solution soon,then we'll have to close it.【1】 It's a tourist attraction.

C:Yes,but that's the point.【2】 You're going to have to find the money from somewhere else.

Z:【3】 Some of these animals are endangered.If we didn't have zoos,they would die.

C:【4】 What if you advertised(做广告) the zoo more?In the newspaper or on the radio,for example.

Z:But if we don't have any money,we can't advertise it.


Z:Actually,that isn't a bad idea.You might be right!

C:I have the names of some company managers you could meet…

A.Why don't you ask some companies to support the zoo?

B.The government needs tourists' support.

C.I understand that but we need to find a different solution.

D.It's also an important place for animal protection.

E.We will put more advertisements on TV.

F.There simply aren't enough tourists going to it.

G.And the zoo is part of the city.

五、完型填空 (共1题,共5分)


It was nearly dark.Tom came back home ______ tears in his eyes.

“What ______,Tom? How's your trip?” his mother asked with a big smile.“I wasn't ______.The mountain is so high and full of big or small ______ on the way.I kept climbing,but I was ______ and it was so late that I had to come back,” Tom said.“It doesn't matter.You are only 13 years old after all,” his mother said.“But standing on the top of the mountain is my ______!” Tom said.

His father came over and asked,“Did you see ______ and feel the beauty of nature on the way to the mountain?” “Of course.I saw the blue sky,white clouds,green trees and colorful flowers.They made a nice ______,” Tom answered.“That's enough!” his father ______ and said,“Please remember,my son,______ what you expect is not the most important thing.Although you didn't reach the top of the mountain,you got a lot on the way.”

【1】A. from   B. with   C. into   D. onto

【2】A. started   B. ended   C. challenged   D. happened

【3】A. successful   B. nervous   C. asleep   D. awake

【4】A. oceans   B. walls   C. tours   D. stones

【5】A. excited   B. happy   C. tired   D. strong

【6】A. dream   B. rule   C. job   D. deal

【7】A. something   B. everything   C. anything   D. nothing

【8】A. plan   B. picture   C. decision   D. sign

【9】A. hurt   B. meant   C. smiled   D. changed

【10】A. lending   B. noticing   C. sharing   D. achieving

六、阅读理解 (共1题,共5分)


Zoo School at Philadelphia Zoo

At Zoo School,kids from 4-6 years old can learn social skills that they need for school.With the zoo as the classroom,children will learn a lot of interesting things about animals.Children can  meet animals up close,make crafts(手工),sing songs,and do much more!Each month has a different theme(主题).

Tickets:$80 for Philadelphia Zoo members;$106 for non-members(非会员)


Dates:October 7th,2015 till May 26th,2016

Time:Wednesdays from 10 a.m.till noon (There is no school on December 30th,2015 or March 31st,2016)

Philadelphia Zoo

The first zoo in the United States,on 3400 W.Girard Avenue,Philadelphia,PA 19104

Opening hours:

March—November During the day,10 a.m.to 5 p.m.

December—February During the day,10 a.m.to 4 p.m.

【1】Zoo School is open for ________.

A. children aged between 4 and 6   B. everyone that goes to the zoo

C. non-members of Philadelphia Zoo   D. all the members of Philadelphia Zoo

【2】If you are not a member of Philadelphia Zoo,you should pay ________ for a ticket.

A. $80   B. $106   C. $186   D. $86

【3】You can go to Zoo School ________.

A. on March 31,2016   B. on December 30th,2015

C. every day from October 7,2015 to May 26,2016   D. on Wednesdays from October 7 to November 30,2015

【4】You can ________ at Zoo School.

A. watch live animal shows   B. learn a lot about animals

C. meet and feed animals   D. learn to look after animals

【5】Which of the following is NOT true about Philadelphia Zoo?

A. It is the first zoo in the United States.   B. You can visit the zoo every day.

C. It is located on 3400 W.Girard Avenue.   D. The zoo opening hours are the same in different seasons.

七、任务型阅读 (共1题,共5分)


There are many kinds of tigers all over the world,and the largest tiger is Seberian Tiger.It can be over two meters long and 200 kilos in weight.Some Seberian Tigers live in the northeast of China,like Heilongjiang Province and Jilin Province.Because there are large forests and mountains and the tigers usually like living there.Also there are fewer people living there.So the tigers can live a quiet life.They can run after each other and catch and eat some small animals like rabbits and deer.

The Seberian Tiger is different from an (1)ordinary one.__(2)__,the Seberian Tiger has lighter fur and dark brown stripes(条纹).

The number of the tigers becomes __(3)__ and smaller,so we should protect them from now on.



A. 异常的   B. 普通的   C. 稀有的   D. 特殊的

【2】The Seberian Tigers live on __________________.


【4】根据上下文,能填入文中(3)处的单词是__________ 。

【5】Why do the Seberian Tigers like living in the northeast of China?


八、书面表达 (共1题,共5分)



请根据下列提示写一篇80词左右的题为“Saving the Animals”的英语短文。




九、 (共1题,共5分)



【1】【1】Her brother wants to be an animal ______________ (keep).

【2】【2】At _________ (birthday),a baby panda is only 15 cm long.

【3】【3】There are four oceans on the earth,and the Pacific Ocean is the _________ (large).

【4】【4】A thin coat gives little ___________ (protect) against the cold.

【5】【5】There are about five policemen _________________ (research) the accident.